Today’s Cave Walls

turn back from the noise

blue light eats eyes

for breakfast

just sit still instead

sit deeper in you

find courage in there

escape the hunter

like a nimble deer

graze a bit, sip dew

come clean, grasp sight,

see again

— the day

and all its things

in daylight

Reference: The Republic, Book VII. These days, the cave walls are far smaller, but perhaps even harder to escape— esm



True Love

is finding someone

or something

worth suffering for

and it’s a good thing, too

because you sure do suffer

— esm

To love is to accept transience, loss, all the consequences of that love, and still, despite all, to love. From every unanswered letter or each tear in a widow’s eyes to Christ on the cross or Socrates’ hemlock, to love truly is to courageously accept suffering.

And perhaps that’s not the final word. There is hope in suffering. As Thich Nhat Hanh would remind us: “The art of happiness is also the art of knowing how to suffer well. If we know how to use our suffering, we can transform it and suffer much less.”



door closed, meeting in session

the exercise, a simple one

the chalkboard having been cleared

by wet sponge (tabula made rasa),

the task was to write a single truth,

like a biblical line in the sand

deep authenticity, if you will

and so, chalk in hand

in pensive pause

under the heat of peering peers,

he marked masculine vulnerability

in lines of dust, for others to see:

it’s been years now

and I just wonder

do you ever think of me?

just looking

for a final resting place now,

and i still think about you

“oh, and,” he added,

i wish i could say

happy birthday



Edward S. Majian

Edward S. Majian

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